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LED Lighting Intelligent Control Solutions
Dec 22, 2017

LED lights With the development of network technology and communication technology and intelligent lighting, an important part of modern lighting is the attention of individual manufacturers. The rapid economic development and mature technology have promoted the rapid development of this industry.

A new generation using intelligent distributed control, LED lighting control solutions triggered by a combination of hardware and software, remote terminals to the monitoring center and timely feedback of the information used to achieve the system, the basic information issued The instructions, set management, in the process of overall control dimming control, status detection and other lighting, not only provide customers with a good lighting management, but also for customers to save and reduce maintenance and management costs. Customers in the process of using, according to different needs, the system can be customized to manage and set up, easy to operate.

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LED lights intelligent lighting control solutions comprehensive advantages

1. Good energy-saving effect

With the minimum amount of energy required to ensure the level of lighting, the energy saving effect is very noticeable, usually up to 30%.

2. To extend lamp life

Effectively suppress voltage fluctuations in order to avoid over-voltage and under-voltage loss damage, you can extend the lamp life is usually 2 to 4 times.

3 to improve lighting quality

Intelligent lighting control system used to solve strobe effect electrical components, will not produce confusion, eye fatigue.

4. To achieve a variety of lighting effects

With a variety of control programs, different time, different uses, different effects, and the use of the corresponding preset scene control, you can achieve rich artistic effects.

5. Easy to manage and maintain

Based on module-based automation, manual control of light control, information-assisted setup and replacement is easy, plus a substantial increase in lamp life, making lighting management and maintenance easier.

6, high economic efficiency

Within three to five years, customers can recover the basic smart lighting control system, add the full cost and improve the lighting environment, improve employee productivity and reduce maintenance and management costs.

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Single lamp terminal control solution

With the rapid development of LED lamp industry, energy increasingly accelerated, how to efficiency does not increase the second huge cost, many customers are considering the issue, many manufacturers are also topics of common concern, spike single lamp terminal control solution program based on potential Customer needs and development, it can achieve the lamp dimming smart power, not only to meet customer needs, but also reduce the cost of procurement. When set up through a site network, the system controller commands a scene input, and a command lighting scene is executed according to the command issued by the controller for the purpose of terminal control. This solution is suitable for environmental law.


The main advantage:

Lights, after-loader on-site controller can work independently;

Low cost, intelligent lighting control comes with power;

According to the regulator's on-site controller output order;

Maintenance is simple and convenient.

Intelligent time control dimming solution

According to different time periods, lighting control effects of different lighting needs, in order to achieve energy-saving purposes, is to control the dimming solution to solve the major issues. By customer spike transmission control intelligent lighting solutions customized combustion control program, intelligent power supply sub-time voltage and current control, not only to meet the illumination requirements of various periods, but also for customers to save electricity costs.

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